1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable is acceptable

Two Households at the pub: Allowed indoors or outdoors. Each household should remain socially distanced from the other, but people within the same household do not. Anyone that has formed a “social bubble” with a household also does not need to remain socially-distant from that household, but they should remain so from the other household.

Up to 6 people from different households at the pub: Only allowed outdoors. People should remain socially distant from each other

What responsibility does the publican have for checking that any groups that meet at the pub are complying with the guidance on households etc?

The guidance for gatherings of groups places the onus on the individuals within those groups to follow the guidelines for social-distancing, whether that is a household group or a group of up to six from different households. A pub should take reasonable steps to help those groups maintain social-distancing, but there is no requirement for the staff to ensure those customers are complying.

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